No suffering is alien to us


The undersigned, 234 social and human rights organizations of the Americas, wish to express our support for the cessation of the Russian Federation’s aggression in Ukraine and the strict compliance with international human rights law and international humanitarian law.

On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation breached its commitments to the principles and obligations arising from the Charter of the United Nations by abandoning peaceful methods of conflict resolution and resorting to the use of force to violate the territorial integrity and self-determination of Ukraine. Most of the nations and peoples of the world have recognized the move as an act of unilateral aggression by Russia, which makes use of its armed force to attack the sovereignty, freedom,
territorial integrity, and political independence of Ukraine, and, above all, the integrity and life of the Ukrainian people. An unlawful and unjustified act of aggression with no grounds of a political, economic, military, or any other nature under international law.

Despite its international obligations, the existence of mechanisms for peaceful conflict resolution, and the willingness of nations to achieve these solutions through dialogue, Russia has ignored the calls and put Universal Peace at risk. The use of weapons, the threats to escalate the conflict if other nations intervene, and the sole mention of a state of alert in the nuclear weapons system have placed nations, the International System for the Protection of Human Rights, and the citizens of the world before their most important challenge in recent history.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Filippo Grandi, warned that a million people had to leave 1 Ukraine for Poland and other neighboring countries in just 7 days, calling it “the fastest exodus in recent history”. the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (HCHR), Michelle Bachelet, in her report to the 49th session of the Human Rights Council, described the situation as “one of the most serious peace and security crises in recent years”, with massive impacts on the human rights of millions of people in Ukraine and new and dangerous threats to all of humanity.

The Office of the HCHR has registered several armed attacks against the civilian population, resulting in 752 civilian casualties, including 227 dead, 15 of them children, and at least 525 wounded, including 28 children, estimates that could be much higher after confirmation, in addition to the damage and destruction of residential areas, schools, cultural places, hospitals, and vital service facilities for civilian life such as water, sanitation, and fuel. The aggression of the Russian government has unleashed a “humanitarian and human rights crisis in Ukraine” in just a few days.

Given the very serious nature and scale of the events in Ukraine, we, the individuals and civil society organizations who believe in the defense of human rights and the peaceful resolution of conflicts:

a. Express our deepest respects and solidarity to all the victims of this unjustified military action, in any of the dimensions of damage and suffering caused, which violates the most transcendental principles and rights of humanity.

b. Demand that absolute priority be given to the preservation of the life, integrity, and protection of all the victims of this aggression, both inside Ukraine and for those who had to flee to save their lives and survive. Millions of people are in danger of death, the hundreds of deaths that have already occurred are unacceptable.

c. Condemn both targeted and indiscriminate attacks against homes, civilian shelters, health care centers and humanitarian assistance activities, places of cultural, religious, and memory relevance, and basic services facilities, which constitute serious violations of international law in contexts of armed conflict.

d. Welcome the call of the OHCHR for the prioritization of the protection of the civilian population and the request to all parties in conflict to guarantee, respect, provide, protect, and allow the effective and independent action of international activists in the fields of human rights, humanitarian assistance, and refugee protection.

e. Demand the respect for and guarantee of the rights to freedom of thought and expression, peaceful assembly, and association of the people of Russia and Belarus, who have expressed their rejection from the early days of the aggression and requested their governments to withdraw from Ukraine and to find peaceful mechanisms for the resolution of the conflict. In Russia alone, the number of arbitrary arrests in the context of protests rises to more than 13,000.

f. Recognize, based on the Charter of the United Nations, the principle of self-determination, the peaceful resolution of conflicts, and the spirit of friendship and solidarity that must prevail among the nations and peoples of the world.

g. Urge the government of the Russian Federation to return to the principles and obligations that it has voluntarily committed to as a member of the United Nations, through an immediate ceasefire, the withdrawal of military troops from Ukraine, and an immediate end to the violations and abuses of international human rights law and international humanitarian law in Ukraine, in strict compliance with resolutions issued by the United Nations General Assembly and the Human Rights Council; as well as to search for and active participation in good faith in any peaceful way to solve the controversies and conflicts with Ukraine. We extend this call to the government of Belarus and request it to refrain from supporting this aggression against the people of Ukraine.

h. Reject the warmongering rhetoric and the threats by Russian President Vladimir Putin of possible military action against countries that offer help to Ukraine, and further deplore the warning of the possible use of nuclear weapons and psychological terror, contrary to the respect for human dignity, against the population of the entire planet, including the people of Russia.

i. Condemn all the past and present human rights violations against the civilian population committed by the military forces from all parties to the conflict. Military and security officials must guarantee the respect for, protection, and observance of the human rights of all people, as well as the protection of residential areas, hospitals, schools, shelters, and vital, cultural, and religious facilities under the 1949 Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols.

j. Demand guarantees of non-discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, politics, religion, ideology, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression for people seeking refuge in Ukraine and other countries, as well as the protection of all people with special emphasis on the elderly, pregnant women, children and adolescents and people with disabilities, chronic or lifethreatening illnesses, human rights defenders, journalists, and members of the media.

k. Support the meetings that representatives of both nations are holding as a fundamental way to find a concerted, peaceful resolution with guarantees of rights, and we also advocate that they be held under the principles of respect, equality, and good faith, prioritizing life, integrity, human rights, the well-being of their people and of all humanity.

The aggression against Ukraine represents a serious violation of the principles, agreements, and peaceful forms of coexistence that gave rise to the United Nations Charter and the International Human Rights System. Faced with threats of an escalation of the armed conflict, civil society and human rights organizations see with extreme concern the response of nations in the form of distrust in their neighbors, increased spending on weapons, and the resumption of an arms race in response to fear.

On the contrary, we believe that the alarms raised by today’s conflict should call for reflection and a real commitment to desist from weapons, missiles, bombs, and, above all, nuclear weapons, while guaranteeing that the threats of the use of nuclear force are never repeated and that they remain hidden in the chronicles of a shameful history for humanity.

Peaceful coexistence, even with its imperfections, is at risk and poses urgent challenges for governments and citizens of the world. The events of aggression in Ukraine force us to look back to the principles that gave birth to the Charter of the United Nations and to rethink its operation, assertiveness, and effectiveness for its evolution, adaptation, and progress in the face of the new challenges that are presented to humanity for the effective realization of equality, respect, peace, and dignity.

Making preventive mechanisms work in a timely manner to eradicate warlike actions, small- or largescale territorial conflicts, the advance of authoritarianism, and practices that violate human rights and fundamental freedoms is critical to avoid repeating the cycles of war, death, and humanitarian crises. Faced with the loss of trust in human beings, it is time for more humanity and more dignity, without discrimination, in equality and fraternity. Let no suffering be alien to us.


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